Entering Hong'an

Set design, mechanical and electrical, manufacturing in one of the professional production enterprises

Enterprise Objectives

Create a professional shoe machine supplier in China

Enterprise purpose

Creating value for customers

management philosophy

Be sincere and do things in a down-to-earth manner

management concept

The excellent management team shapes the high-quality company, the strong cohesion of the enterprise leadership team and the far-sighted management concept make a successful enterprise.

Product concept

Professional, security

Team spirit

Unity, Cooperation, Passion, Innovation, Efficiency and Pragmatism

Principles of Practice

Be honest with the customer, be honest with the supplier, be honest with the company-in the final analysis, be honest with the consumer.

Taste for customers

From the sale to the spirit, from the interests to the credibility of the long-term goal to win customers as the guiding principle.

Series of shoe sole machine research and development, design, production and sales as one, to provide customers with products throughout the supply chain production.

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