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EVA big foaming machine

Model Pressure Pressing force (tons) Specification Size of plate (mm * mm) Layer Distance Spacing (mm) Layer Number of plate Open Column distance(mm) Motor Power (kw) Machine Size (Length * Width * Height) Dimension (L * W * H) m Weight (Tons)HAEA-14A200560*78012538705.52*2.2*2.15HAEA-18A250/300650*900125410007.52.*1.35*2.458 HAEA-23A500900 * 120015051300112.9*1.45*3.512 HAEA-24A600900 * 120015051400153*1.65*3.614.5

Technical Specifications are Indecative Machines may Undergo Variations and/or Modifications Without any Previous notice.


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    Pressing force(tons)

    Size of plate(mm*mm)


    Number of plate

    Column distance(mm)

    Motor power(kw)



    HAEA-14A 200 560*780 125 3 870 5.5 2.1*2.2*2.1 5
    HAEA-18A 250/300 650*900 125 4 1000 7.5 2.65*1.35*2.45 8
    HAEA-23A 500 900*1200 150 5 1300 11 2.9*1.45*3.5 12
    HAEA-24A 600 900*1200 150 5 1400 15 3*1.65*3.6 14.5
    1. The button automatically rises, and the pressure is released when the gas pressure is maintained (the program automatically controls the operation).
    2. Rise fast, keep the pressure for a long time, and the pressure will automatically rise in the process of adding sulfur to ensure the quality.
    3. Special rapid release valve, mold opening and lowering, fast speed, and can be adjusted freely.
    4. The pressure relief speed and delayed mold opening after pressure relief can be adjusted according to the characteristics and thickness of the finished product, which is suitable for the development of new products and improves quality.
    5. Special design hot plate, uniform heat.
    6. regardless of fully automatic or semi-automatic models, have the above characteristics.
    1. EVA foam board or beach shoes.
    2. other industrial materials foam products.
    Note 1: hot plate size can be customized according to customer needs.
    Note 2: The above technical specifications are for reference only and are subject to change or modification without prior notice.


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Series of shoe sole machine research and development, design, production and sales as one, to provide customers with products throughout the supply chain production.

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