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Rubber sole automatism foaming machine

Technical Parameters Model ModelHAXJ1-2150A HAXJ1-2150B Power Specification Power specification380V/50HZ Total Pressure Pressure(Tons)150 Motor Power (kw)Motor specification15 Layer Layer Layer number2 Operation Mode Operating Mode Semi-automatic Semi-Automatic Workstation Number of work stations6-10 Type Plate/Column Plate type/ with 4 columns Working Plate Size (mm) Size of plate450 * 500/ 480*550/ 480*500 Heating Method Heating method Oil, Steam, Electric electricity Layer Spacing (Mm) Total power consumption of Daylight between plate180 Total electricity (kw)15 Maximum stroke of master cylinder (mm) stroke360 machine size (length * width * height) Dimension (L * W * H) m7.8 * 1.8*1.66 Weight(Tons)12

Technical Specifications are Indecative Machines may Undergo Variations and/or Modifications Without any Previous notice.


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    1. the pressure control system, the use of imported well-known brands, the selection of PC and P control system.
    2. Bo pressure adopts the same service system and unified control agent, which saves electricity, has high pressure, good product quality and few edges.
    3. the movement speed of the stage, flat spin, quiet, round.
    4. The main product is fully activated and set to semi-and fully automatic continuous actions. Each action can be adjusted independently without mutual restraint and reliability.
    5. The unique body knot design and the non-broken and non-deformed rubber sole molding M enable you to have high-quality main production performance in the shortest time.
    Such as city and many city gum sole, conductive gum, car ring parts and various amine-free finished products molding or its thermosetting products.
    Technical parameters
    Model HAXJ1-2150A HAXJ1-2150B Power Specifications 380V/50HZ                 
    Pressure(Tons) 150 Motor specification(kw) 15
    Layer number 2 Operating Mode Semi-Automatic
    Number of work stations 6-10 Type Plate type/with 4 columns
    Size of plate(mm) 450*500/480*550/480*500 Heating method ilsteam/electricity
    Daylight between plate(mm) 180 Total electricity (kw) 15
    Maximum stroke(mm) 360 Dimension(L * W * H) m 7.8*1.8*1.66
        Weight(Tons) 12


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Series of shoe sole machine research and development, design, production and sales as one, to provide customers with products throughout the supply chain production.

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