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EVA big foaming machine

Features: FEATUREA button automatically rises, pressure relief when deflating and maintaining pressure (program automatically controls operation) B rises fast, pressure is maintained for a long time, and pressure automatically rises during acylation to ensure quality display. C- type rapid relief valve, mold opening and lowering, fast speed, and can be adjusted freely. D. degree of pressure relief and mold opening after pressure relief. According to the characteristics and thickness of the product, the development of new products can be integrated, and the quality can be improved. e-special design adhesive board, with uniform heat f regardless of full-automatic or semi-self-adjustable model, dock has the above characteristics a. Whenthebuttenincreasesautomatical

Technical Specifications are Indecative Machines may Undergo Variations and/or Modifications Without any Previous notice.


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    A. When the butten increases automatically, air escaped can keep pressure and timing can relief pressure(Control operation in accordance with procedures)
    B. Rising fast, maintain pressure for a long time, the pressure will be automatically increased in increasing sulfur to ensure quality.
    C. After releasing valve by special rapid and downing a mould with good speed, it can be ad usted freely
    D. Speed af relief pressure and delaying a mold after relief pressure, they can accarding ta the characteristics and thickness of your finished product
    E. It is special designed hot plate with even hez product and improve quality to adjust speed, suit for the development of
    1. EA or P v C foam board or beach shoes.
    2. Foam sponge rubber soles.
    3. Other industrial rubber products.
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Series of shoe sole machine research and development, design, production and sales as one, to provide customers with products throughout the supply chain production.

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