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EVA 2nd stage Foaming Machine

Features FEATURE1 and high efficiency: the heating plate is made of special plate, with large heat transfer area, fast heating and fast cooling, and the efficiency is 20% higher than that of similar products. 2. Consumables are saved: the cavity steel plate is ground, smooth and bright, and can save molding agent 3. Steam is saved: the machine adopts thermal insulation design, and a heat shield is formed around the machine, thus saving full steam 4. The machine equipment can be fully automatically controlled by PC, according to the requirements of the production process, when inputting water vapor and gas to work, it will automatically complete a work at the same time. 1.Highefficiency:Theheatingplatemadefromspeci

Technical Specifications are Indecative Machines may Undergo Variations and/or Modifications Without any Previous notice.


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    1. High efficiency: The heating plate made from special steel plate, it is featured as big heat transfer area, quick heating, rapid cooling, and efficiency compared to similar products by 20%
    2. Saving materials: After grinding, the cavity plate become smooth and bright, which can save release agents.
    3. Saving steam: The machine uses insulation design, it forms a heat shield around the machine to save steam
    4. The device made from Plc automatic control, it will complete a work cycle automatically by setting the working time of water steam and gas according to the production process requirements
    EVA, PE, PVC foam molding at high rate, the expansion ratio is 25-45 times
    Note 1: can be customized according to customer specific size
    NOTE 1: The
    Cations can be customized
    Note 2: The above technical specifications are for reference only and are subject to change or modification without prior notice.
    NOTE 2: Technical Specifications are Indecative Machines may Undergo Variations and /or Modifications Without
    Technical parameters


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Series of shoe sole machine research and development, design, production and sales as one, to provide customers with products throughout the supply chain production.

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